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The specific Belief is that there is a natural, fundamental, God-given right to gun ownership, overriding any other rights held by anyone else, despite it not being found in any of the world's major moral or philosophical or theological codes, or even in history before the last few decades. That makes it, as the OP says, inarguable to those who adhere to it.

The Belief for abortion is that life starts at the moment of joining of two cells, going immediately from zero to full, and furthermore takes complete precedence over the life of the woman (or "host body", as she's sometimes called). That isn't in any of the Scriptures its proponents claim to base their belief upon, either.

The Fight Against Ignorance is sadly limited to the ability of "the reality-based community" to get them to recognize and acknowledge what their arguments are based upon. But we have to do what we can.