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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
At this point, I'm fully exoecting her to be Secret Super Action Hero Girl. Expect a scene where she defeats 20 men using gymnastics.
It is stated or implied at several points in the books that Sybil is both constitutionally and physically badass - in "Guards! Guards!" she charges a group of soldiers while brandishing a broadsword (and then trips and knocks herself out, but still) and in "Snuff" Vimes tells Stratford he's lucky he didn't try to break into Sybil's stateroom because of what she would have done to him. And she takes a straight-out attempt to murder her with a flamethrower in her stride, not to mention saving herself from a castle full of werewolves.

So gymnastics, no, but defeating 20 men using a morningstar and a small dragon, absolutely.