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Originally Posted by jaycat View Post
I think Rendon and Harper are apples and oranges. From all accounts, Harper sucked all the air out of the clubhouse whereas Rendon was a positive force among his teammates. I wouldn't underestimate how important camaraderie was to the Nats' success year. (Oh and Bryce strikes out twice as much as Anthony).

Winning the World Series.... Bryce-less.
I think he grew up with everyone telling him he was the best and then he had that great year in 2015 and people were saying that he was the best player in all of baseball. He really thought he was the most important guy on the team. He always had been, why should it be any different now.

The fans loved him but he wasn't good for the team It was like the rest of the team were supporting actors in the Bryce Harper show, no one else had any room to grow. It wasn't deliberate on his part but the dynamics were just toxic and everyone underperformed except Harper.

After all is said and done the fact that he turned down a 4 year $180 million deal from the Dodgers (a real championship team), you know he's not too full of himself. If he had a huge ego, he would have bet on himself and taken the 180 million 4 year deal from the Dodgers and then come back at 30 for Derek Jeter type money.

Instead he took 330 million over 13 years from a rebuilding team instead of 180 from a championship team or 300 million over 10 years from a real contender.