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If there's an MPSIMS Idiot of the Day award, I may have a lock on it today. I've been rolling my eyes and scoffing for almost a week now about the tee shirt the USPS kept telling me couldn't be delivered. Today I walked to the PO (2.5 miles) with the "pick up your parcel" slip to get my tee shirt. The clerk came staggering back to the counter under a very large, rather heavy (21 lbs.) box. I'd forgotten about the InstaPot I'd bought on Black Friday my DD for Christmas. I couldn't trek 2.5 miles home with that box. I'm only 5'2 and couldn't SEE over the box when I held it.

No bus stop nearby. I had to call Uber.

I take back 48% of my scoffing at the USPS.