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Originally Posted by Jackknifed Juggernaut View Post
So you really are saying that he was materially better in year 7 than in year 6? No, you have it backwards, LeBron James passed Jordan a long time ago in terms of overall basketball ability and acumen. The fact that he didn’t win as many rings is a random outcome. There is no way you could possibly think that LeBron wouldn’t have been at least as successful as Jordan were you to switch them on the Bulls. This is not an insult to Jordan to any way.
Sorry for the late reply...

- Jordan had to learn how to overcome "The Jordan Rules" employed by the Pistons which required him to improve his physical strength and polish his skills until they shined. I guess that means I do think he got better in year 7 vs previous years.

- And there aren't enough words you can use to convince me Lebron is more skilled and has a better basketball IQ than Kobe much less Jordan. I will acknowledge he is an athletic phenom but he relies on his athletic prowess to overpower is opponents instead of being more skilled. That is unless you consider traveling and offensive fouls skills.

- IMHO, in a 7 game series the best team will almost always win. The fact that Lebron has lost so many final series is not some random outcome, it is proof positive that his teams weren't good enough to call themselves champions.

- If you swap Jordan with Lebron then the Pistons would have beat the shit out of him and intimidated him to the point where he would be sitting next to Scottie on the bench complaining about "migraines." Or do you think Lebron would have no problems with defenders like Rodman, Laimbeer, Mahorn, Oakley, etc. in a league that allowed you to do anything short of landing a punch? Sure the Bulls might have gone on to win a ring or 2 during that time period provided Magic, Isiah, Hakeem, Ewing, Shaq, etc were all having an off year at the same time.

- Now if you swap Jordan onto anyone of the teams Lebron lead to the finals, how do you think His Airness would perform in a league that doesn't allow hand checking and hard fouls?