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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
I listened to the communications and at at least one point the controller asks the helicopter to report when back in VFR conditions. So yeah, I think the controllers were assuming this was intended to get through poor visibility and then back to true VFR.
I came across an interesting conversation about “normalization of deviance” in the middle of a Reddit thread and saved the comment, Of course I can’t find the context right now, but this local (to the SFV pilot said this...

There's imc and there's "San Fernando Valley IMC" which basically every helicopter that lives at Van Nuys, Whiteman, and Burbank knows they can fudge it and fly anyways so long as they can "stay in vfr conditions" which we all know is a fucking lie, but waiting for svfr clearance out usually means you're not getting out/through, hence the rule bending
So it sounds like there’s what you and I know about the intent of SVFR, and there’s the reality of what it’s become for some pilots with major pressure to complete the flight.

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