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Am I being irrational in refusing free rides to & from work?

I am in that minority of blind people fortunate enough to still be working. Post-divorce, my kids and I moved back into the apartment building where my work wife also lives. Because a Lyft ride from my home to my work cost about 25 bucks one way, I generally use the local para transit service, MATA Plus, to go to and fourth unless I have a late meeting forcing me too summon a Lyft. Because of the built-in inefficiency of MATA Plus (let alone the fixed-route buses) I am forced to schedule my daily rides for long before I actually need to get to the office. Even so, I'd rather budget $60 a month for work travel rather than $50 a day.

My work wife has a schedule frequently but not always coterminous with mine, so she has suggested that I routinely ride with her. She doesn't want any money for this, just as she always refuses to be compensated when she has to, for instance, take me to the doctor without warning. I don't like the idea of this. It is bad enough that my stepdaughter has to routinely take the bio kids to and from school; asking my work wife for daily shuttle service seems beyond the pale to me. It seems like the sort of thing that would eventually strain the friendship. Emergencies are one thing, but I don't think I should depend on her for daily rides when I can afford an alternative.

It has been suggested that I am allowing my pride to cause me to act foolishly. Am I?
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