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Originally Posted by kk fusion View Post
There's also the practice of inserting a period after every. single. word. Probably originated in the telegraph where you had nothing but the 26 letters (not even upper/lower case) and a separator symbol.
I'm not familiar enough with telegrams, which may be what you meant, but Morse code based telegraphy had (has, hams still use it) numerals 0-9, basic punctuation, and numerous procedural symbols (end of message, mistake, your turn to transmit, etc.) This applies to both American and International Morse codes. You are correct that there was never an upper/lower case distinction. This also applied to early teletype/telex systems, which used a 5 bit Baudot code, but two of the possible 32 combinations were used to shift between letters and figures (numerals, punctuation, bell) and back, yielding 60 possible symbols.
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