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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
Hmm. I clearly state that I think the pit is counterproductive as whatever itís supposed to do. However, you donít see me joining an in-group and hypocritically lobbying through multiple channels of communication for warnings or bans on behavior that has been explicitly allowed in writing by former admins. If we have rules and clear clarifications of rules I think itís important that they are used as a guideline and not the howling of a precious few.

So there is no gotcha there Guin. I can think the concept of the pit is counterproductive and simultaneously think that mob rule in the Pit is even more distasteful. As to my participation in the pit? Sometimes Iím in the mood to post there. Sometimes Iím not. What you wonít find me doing is finding a group of folks to come at the mods from multiple angles and multiple decades to manipulate them in order to sanction posters for make believe rules. I can read the stickies and the clarifications and I can decide if I want to participate. Hell, Miller spent years not warning people over clear violations now he warns people over made up violations.
If you say so.