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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
That's not misogyny .

I defined misogynist earlier:

a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
synonyms: woman-hater, anti-feminist, male chauvinist, male supremacist, chauvinist, sexist;

Being a horndog means you like women, just that you dont express that in a mature way.

That Op was immature, sure, but not a misogynist. You're not Humpty Dumpty.
No, a "horndog" is attracted to women. That is not the same thing as liking them. They tend to objectify women, treating them as only valid for their sexual pleasure. "Pick-up artists" are often quite openly misogynistic, and redpillers always are. What you are arguing is like arguing that liking minstrel shows means that you like black people. Objectification is not appreciation.

That said, that's beside the point. You're engaging in a semantic argument. You are fully aware of what the OP means, and you were involved in the threads on the previous moderation of "female unfriendliness." You know the OP is arguing that the same rules that disallow overly sexual talk and making sexual jokes should be applied to this behavior. It is irrelevant what words are used to describe this.

Semantic arguments are rarely useful, and usually a distraction from the main topic. Word choice is not as important as the underlying topics.