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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
This thread is a reason why I think it was a mistake for the board to go down this road of censoring "misogynistic" threads. There is simply no reason to limit this sort of discussion, even though I find it distasteful. I find many posts and posters distasteful.

This could and should have been handled simply. If you are offended by a poster or by a topic you have several options:

1) Do not participate in the thread.
2) Participate, but debate the poster or post.
3) Pit the poster.

I simply see no reason why a new rule needed to be created when the offended posters have many ways to enjoy their experience here notwithstanding having to share the board with those of different values or opinions.

The cure of the new rule will cause new complaints such as this thread and will never stop until the board decrees that any discussion of women must conform to the speech demanded by these minority of posters.
I have some sympathy with the notion of an open board, less sympathy for phrases like “conform to the speech demanded by these minority of posters”, as though what works for the majority is de facto better. Like it or not, the Dope is in the tricky position of trying to figure out what works effectively for a whole community, which means some’s why we have a “don’t be a jerk rule”, which everyone knows is difficult to define, but we live with it. But if you really believe in a message board in which the posters themselves police offensive content by responding (or not) to it, you’ll have to be comfortable with threads that have titles like “Women/black are stupid” etc. Which you might be.