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It appears to be even worse than some of us envisioned in this thread:

Democrats try to co-opt populist rage. Hilarity ensues.

Washington was abuzz this week with talk about the new Democratic agenda, A Better Deal, which is suddenly dominating news coverage and captivating voters with a plan to remake the American economy, sending Republicans scrambling for a viable platform of their own in advance of the midterm elections.

No, not really. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention on the beach.


The slogan, which apparently took months of focus-grouping to perfect, rather than the five seconds of idle thought while doing the laundry that you would think it required, evokes yet again memories of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, which remain powerful in exactly two places in America: nursing homes and Democratic leadership meetings.
Emphasis added.

I did lose a bit of respect for Matt Bai with his incessant hammering at Hillary during the campaign, but this was pretty funny and did have what I thought as some cogent analysis.