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Originally Posted by OttoDaFe View Post
The sponsor of the Alabama abortion bill says that currently legal procedures will continue to be available under the new law until the woman knows she's pregnant; after that, a doctor faces a 99-year prison term for terminating the pregnancy (the relevant section starts at 1:39, and I recommend continuing on to the replay where he goes into greater detail).

I immediately thought of Catch-22, where one can only see Major Major Major in his office when he's not there.

How about this for a Catch-22? The woman just continues to deny she's pregnant and the doctor is merely "performing exploratory surgery".''

ETA: From your link (bolding mine):

“Of course it should be hard, and the procedure should be painful, and you should allow God to take over, and you should deliver that baby, and you should handle the situation,” LaSata, a sponsor of one of the bills, said while discussing the measure, according to Michigan Radio.

Yet another Trump-dumper who's completely unfamiliar with the constitution.

Another ETA: It really fascinates how these ultra-fundied out types are so hung up on abortion to the point where some even clamor for the death penalty (or even carry it out themselves, killing doctors). IIRC, the Bible does not prohibit abortion and it certainly does not call for the death penalty for it.

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