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Originally Posted by Really Not All That Bright View Post
Ron DeSantis has quietly been cleaning up a bunch of crooked activity that Rick Scott left behind, particularly in the area of central Florida quasi-governmental boards.* So it's possible that whatever he and Baxley are trying to do is genuinely related to concerns about possible scandals. But Demings and Dyer are Democrats and weren't involved with Scott or the previous board goings-on.

*I went to college with Marco Pena, one of the crooks in the expressway shenanigans, so I have a vague rooting interest beyond the fact that I use Orlando roads and airports.
Thanks. Though I will admit to being skeptical about the idea of Ron DeSantis cleaning up Rick Scott's crooked activity. DeSantis didn't strike me as being the sort to clean up crooked activity. (I'm perfectly willing to be proven wrong.)