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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
Josh was a young teen when this occurred. The father reported it to the police. Since then Josh has had no further known issues.

Its pretty silly to label a young teen a pedo for being curious about girls. What he did was wrong and illegal. But it in no way reflects on his behavior as an adult. He was a curious and horny teen with hormones running wild. Just like any other horny young boy who gets his first erection.

He lived in a huge family. He would have been caught if he had gone into their bedrooms and continued touching them. AFAIK theres been no further incidents since it was reported to the police.
Seriously? It's okay that he molested unaware young girls (some of whom were his SISTERS?) because he was a "horny young boy"?

And he gets to get away with it because he apologized?

Yeah, no. He's a sexual abuser. Maybe if they'd caught him playing doctor with willing girls, that argument might fly. But fondling/groping them while they were asleep is a hell of a lot more than " a horny young boy." That's a sexual predator.

I hope he gets what's coming to him. Just being "sorry" isn't enough when you sit on the whole thing for years before finally owning up to it. That's not "sorry," it's "sorry I got caught."