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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Good grief, you're the very definition of stupid. First off, North Korea is not likely to kill you for violating their law (or pretending that you've violated their law). So far, they've managed to shoot one South Korean tourist dead and abused one American prisoner to the point where he died quite soon after his repatriation.

Second, if you want someone to know what you mean, fucking say what you mean instead of saying something that is not what you mean, you moron.
Proofread your fucking posts again then. I said U.S. law every time. It's in your own quote. No shit the North Koreans would kill you, but again, if for whatever reason you somehow escaped, the U.S. would be fine with whatever you had done unless the North Koreans accused you of high seas piracy or abusing children. And, frankly, the U.S. would still probably just assume those jerks are lying and let you off but that's besides the point.