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I think the OP is talking about the effect where you are more acutely aware of what remains behind. This effect is noticeable in many situations.

A professional musician is keenly aware of tiny mistakes (missed notes, etc.) which the audience does not notice.

Drunk driving is seen as a big problem partly because of the fact that we've done such a good job of reducing it, by means of creating a social stigma. The social stigma actually did improve the problem but it also raised awareness on what little part remains.

Vaccines are seen as a nuisance (or worse) precisely because they have done such an outstanding job of reducing or eliminating the diseases, to the point where we have forgotten what the diseases were like.

As you become an expert in any field, you become more and more aware of how vast and complex the subject is and just how much more there is that you have not personally learned.

So, the question remains, what is the name for this effect?

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