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Originally Posted by hibernicus View Post
A lot of people in this thread believe that they can tell East Asians apart, by their facial features, with some degree of reliability. When faced with an online test that seems to show otherwise, they conclude that the test must be flawed.
To be fair, I still scored something like 60-65% the few times I tried it way back when, which is admittedly less than I thought I would do, but still probably better than pure chance. Of course we can't ever be totally sure, but I'm convinced the ability is not completely fabricated. Like I said, I feel that they purposely threw in some faces that they knew would look very much like a particular ethnicity but were actually not that ethnicity. That the makers of the test were able to do this, to me, indicates that they were using the same ability we all believe we have.

In short, if the faces were randomly picked, I think the results would be different. But hey, I've never really read hard facts on the subject except for what's been posted in this thread, so I could be wrong.