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I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Asians all look the same. No, there are real differences amongst people. However, I find it irksome and erroneous to say that these physical differences correspond neatly with national categories. For example, you have Japanese nationals who are descended from the Jomon and those who are descended from the Yayoi. The latter supposedly have more mongloid features, while the Jomon - which included Ainu people - have stronger Ainu features. China itself is a large country with many various groups, some of which may have features that make them physically more similar to the Jomon Japanese than with another group in China. Some groups in Korea look much more similar to the Yayoi Japanese than the Yayoi with the Jomon! Borders do not neatly correspond with phenotypic groupings; That is why I don’t think one should say that there is a “Chinese” look or a “Japanese look” or a “Korean look”, as it marginalizes very diverse groups of people. Instead, I think you may be able to say that you can distinguish between, say, the Jomon people and the Yayoi people.