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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Meanwhile, I'm thinking of setting up my own Shapeways shop. What percentage goes to you, to them, and to costs? I expect the designer's share is probably pretty small, but then, they make up for that by handling all the production for you.
You get to set your own markup, actually, in addition to the base production price (which Shapeways pre-calculates, based on a few factors, and presents you beforehand. They keep the base price the customer pays, of course)—like you say, this would typically be a fraction of the cost of the item just to keep costs reasonable. But, technically, you could make it whatever you wanted.

Shapeways also takes a cut for themselves—3.5% of the total markup.

That reminds me, I've put a coupla new items up on the shop, since! Including...

An accurate replica Russian VVER-1000 nuclear reactor fuel necklace pendant form!

Also available in plain, non-necklace ready form, and in other materials. American fuel pellet design also both plain and jewelry form.

And say "Hi There" to...a 1/72 model of one of the B-52 "Leper Colony"'s hydrogen bombs from "Dr. Strangelove!"

(Hollerin' Major Kong not included.)