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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
Right on.

Are the recipes good or is purely for local nostalgia type purposes that you collect them?

Also, what year was the 9th printing?
The recipes are good, if a bit old style, and were meant to be well suited for home use. No really exotic ingredients or high cuisine style of recipes, but tasty, economical and filling.

There is an element of nostalgia for me, because of that copy from my grandmother. And my mother got several of our copies signed and inscribed by one of the four original editors, Irene Nunemaker. The lady passed away in 1996, a self-made business success and philanthropist. In the first few printings she's listed as Irene Westbrook, Nunemaker was her married name. There are several scholarships and university programs and buildings named for her.

The ninth printing was around 1936, although there was also an eight printing in that year, so again I'm careful when I'm searching for copies..