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I never did finish of this thread with a final update. I did manage to find a copy of the third printing, so I lacked only the ninth.

I mentioned my search in another forum and got some good pointers. One poster, who said they had been a library cataloger, encouraged me to check the dates of the printings, and another poster found, online, two different copies of the eighth printing, in consecutive years.

I did that, as I had duplicate(or so I thought) copies of the eighth printing, and sure enough, they listed 1935 in one, and 1936 in the other. So based on what the cataloger said about misprints being common, it is my guess the the 1936 printing should have been listed as the ninth, but got printed incorrectly, and it was to late to do over.

I think I can now declare the collection of twenty-eight printings complete, and a lot of it was due to help from the SDMB. I love this place
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