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Originally Posted by rowrrbazzle View Post
"Is the West kidding itself about the good intentions of Islam?" About a very militant minority of Muslims? Yes.
This is the kind of pointless straw man that stops this kind of conversation getting anywhere. Nobody, nobody, would disagree that there is a militant minority of Muslims who believe in some kind of radical islam, because we all see the same terrorist incidents, we all know about ISIS.

What we're discussing here is about generalizing about all Muslims on the basis of some minority.
The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, but yes, right now, the religion has a higher proportion of violent extremists than any other religion, both these statements can be true at the same time.

Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet
The past was harsh and barbaric. Christianity has largely gotten past that step. Islam, in many places, has not. What kind of weak-ass gotcha is that, anyways? "Sure, my religion is responsible for numerous atrocities every week the world over, but look at what this other religion did 500 years ago!"
But we're talking about whether the religion itself is fundamentally bad or good.

Christianity is a good example here: the Bible contains various God-endorsed genocides, and people once took it quite literally. But societies and theologies moved on, and although the book hasn't changed, we focus on the peaceful parts now, and try to derive some metaphor from the other bits.

Islam has kind of gone the other way, being quite enlightened compared to Europe during Islam's golden age, now not only do many take the book literally, but a minority derive an evil message from it.
But it's not really the book; you could find inspiration for the same acts from the bible, and in many parts of the world people still believe the bible tells them to murder gays, for example.

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