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I lived in England (Leeds, then Oxford) for seven years. After about year one, all traces of my American accent were gone, and I started getting questions like "Are you from Wales?" or "What part of Scotland are you from?" I didn't have a Scottish or Welsh accent at all, but the English people I talked to could sense that my accent was not yet placeable. By about year three those questions had mostly stopped, and nobody asked where I was from anymore.

When I saw a videotape of my wedding (year four) I couldn't believe what had happened to my voice. I sounded more English than my now ex-in-laws, who were born and raised in London but were now living in France. The transformation was complete, I suppose.

The strange thing is that within three months of moving back to the US my American accent came back completely. When I worked in California my boss was from England, and one Australian who knew us both commented that "She speaks with an English accent and an American vocabulary, and he speaks with an American accent and an English vocabulary."