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I look at the link you sent, Necromancer - could be violet, could be blue...

I always assumed it was a combination of the already-mentioned "blue eyes can look different in different light and depending on the person - tired, etc..." aspect, and clever marketing/myth-making on the part of Liz and her publicists. I can easily see some Hollywood hype magazine from the 50's laying it on thick about her - she was one of the most famous, beautiful, high-fashion glamorous women in her day, a cross between Madonna and Nicole Kidman - and the writer making some reference to her violet eyes to play up Liz's exotic-ness, glamour and rarity. And it just stuck as shorthand...

Are they really violet? - in the right light, etc...sure. Is Liz a "violet-eyed woman" in terms of her nature and her celebrity? You bet.