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Originally Posted by sassyfras View Post
Ok word on the street is that young attractive women are the preferred choice for selling pharmaceuticals.
On what street are you hanging out? "Pssst...them pharma babes are HOT!! Pass it on!!!"

Being a pathologist, I don't get to see drug reps, but there are lab equipment and supply reps occasionally passing through, few if any of whom could be considered especially attractive. Except maybe for that one woman who worked for the cytology company, and I'm not sure what advantage that would have provided the firm, seeing as how most cytotechnologists are women and pathologists are getting to be fairly evenly split between men and women.

Besides, if you're going to waste my time with sales come-ons, looks are insufficient. I just remembered that one firm the past couple of years has sent us a box of really good frosted cookies at Christmastime. Unfortunately for their marketing efforts, I can't remember who it is (and it's the hospital that makes the buying decisions anyway, not us).

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