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My organization trains pharmaceutical reps in OIG guidelines, and it is true that pharma (and it is 'pharma' not 'pharm' guys) reps are generally more attractive than average, slightly taller, predominantly caucasian, under 35, and relatively well-spoken. And while not all reps are women, the majority are.

One of the most difficult parts of a rep's job is getting his or her foot in the door, and that is only becoming more difficult. Physical attractiveness, sex appeal, whatever you want to call it, is the primary weapon in most rep's arsenals to ensure they get in the door. However, sex appeal aside, a doctor, or his or her AA, is more likely to say yes to a visit during a cold call if the rep is a woman, even if the doctor is a woman.

Because of restrictions on gifts, extravagant lunch spreads, and drug samples, pharmaceutical companies are looking for innovative ways to promote and detail, and are reducing the number of reps in their stables. Those who remain will be the ones with the best numbers, and the ones with the best numbers are the ones who have what it takes to get their feet in the door in the first place.