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Originally Posted by jnglmassiv View Post
I don't often get to shout the word but here goes: Jackpot!

Shop & Save on Milwaukee and Devon and Nagle had no fewer than four products listed as 'oscypek.' Now, I'm maybe only a little less Polish than a taco and I can't promise any authenticity or quality with any of this but it seems promising. I also hope these image links work out.

First was the pinched cylinder one that I understand is the usual shape.
It was the largest and pretty pricey at $19.99:

Next was this smaller cylindrical shaped cheese, maybe half or two-thirds the size of a 12oz beverage can.
Back of the package showing impressed pattern:

Here's one labeled 'covna oscypek' with a corncob looking grid pattern:
Puly can probably differentiate.

Finally, there were these little guys, maybe half the size of my palm but very flat.
I think they were about half an inch thick.

My recommendation: Go here, buy some cheese and other goodies. It's a great store to wander around and give into your central and eastern European impulse buys. Then, go across the street and get a Superdawg or whatever looks good on the menu. Superdawg is a longtime Chicago institution and a decent representation of a local dog.
Nice find!