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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I Pit HurricaneDitka for wasting my time. Although typical right-wing arrogance has been the dominant theme of his contributions here, from time to time, he exhibited actual intelligence and intellectual curiosity — or so I thought. In another thread, he claimed that Hillary and Trump were equivalent liars — both "typical politicians." Was he aware of Trump U.? No, he openly bragged, it's not important.

I wasted time to engage him, and posted a summary of Trump U., a massive detestable fraud for which Trump has been forced to pay out tens of millions. Hurricane's response was, in effect: "Just what I said; Trump's a fraudster, Hillary exaggerated about sniper fire. Same-same. Trump has been charged with child rape; Hillary is alleged to have run the child sex ring from a pizza parlor. Same-same."

We're left with the question: How can a man exhibit this much stupidity and be both sincere and intelligent? Is the right-wing echo chamber so strong as to rob a man completely of his mental faculties? Hurricane writes like he has at least a 95+ IQ; what gives? Is he a troll? Does he work for the Russians? It seems far-fetched, but how else to explain his mental model? Even Starving Artist and Brickhead seem to understand how detestable a man Trump is.

For once, I'm not being sarcastic. I sincerely wonder what his game or mental model is. He doesn't seem like a "troll," but I have no other explanation.
Skilled stealth troll, I think. Mixed with a little bit of actual desire for discussion, and a lot of general dishonesty.
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