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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
Outrage--personal outrage.

Not RO, where you're engaged in competitive outrage about something that doesn't affect you at all (maybe start a new "RO Game" type thread where those who like such things can have outrage one-upsmanship in a sports-like environment) but real personal pissedoffedness.

Preferably of the funny variety.

So pit threads of old like "I just spilled Kool-Aide over my new white sweater" done to (say) Dr. Seuss or "That sonofabitch cut me off in traffic! I hope he dies. In a fire!" would be fine here.

It's personal outrage that matters. It doesn't matter if the subject matter is insignificant (I cut my finger on the lid of this can of pineapples!) it's that you're honestly pissed and (if possible) express it in a funny or legitimately angry way.

Flaming is personal outrage at another poster, so it goes here too.
Personal outrage is part of it, but I would also require that it be directed against other SDMB members. As I've said elsewhere:

". . . Pit threads must be directed to other board members directly (as in "I pit Kimmy_Gibbler") or indirectly, by pitting groups known to be represented on the board (as in "I pit urban-dwelling gun control advocates"). Pittings directed to strangers to the board (as in "I pit this woman I ran into today at the medical clinic who does not belong to this board") go into MPSIMS."

I don't care if you spilled Kool-Aid on your sweater or if your landlord is a d-bag or whatever. The Pit should be a cage match, and that requires at least the possibility of an opponent. So unless the Kool-Aid is going to post back, that belongs squarely in More Pointless Shit.