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Originally Posted by Heffalump and Roo View Post
My vote. I would like to see these things to NOT be posted in the Pit:
-any Pitting where the OP expects sympathy or understanding (those can go in MPSIMS)
-any Pitting where the OP might be really hurt if someone posted an opposing view
-any Pitting where there's no opposing viewpoint eg. raping people is bad
-any Pitting with no outrage. . . fake outrage counts if it's convincing. Whining posts can go in MPSIMS. eg., breaking the lead on your pencil doesn't count as outrage unless you went on a rampage about it. And the rampage was funny. If the rampage was tragic, it goes in MPSIMS.
That's a really fine list. Excellent.

Originally Posted by Kalypso View Post
I like that RO is in The Pit.

When I come to The Pit I expect to read things that will provoke a strong reaction in me. Usually this is a strong negative reaction against someone pitting, or against someone being pitted, or being outraged along with someone posting an RO thread.

When I go to MPSIMS, I expect to see puppy pictures, or personal accounts of someone's experience with something, or perhaps someone posting in need of emotional support. I don't expect to see threads containing quotes like "Daddy ate my eyes" and I don't really wish to.

I do really like that RO threads are being marked as such. That way people can read them or pass them over as they like.
That's true, Kalypso. But the thing about MPSIMS is that there are also things like death notifications. I mean, that ain't puppies and ice cream. There are threads about sickness, and diseases, and people needing money, and all kinds of things. I don't know why they don't do an announcements forum (which has been suggested many times), but RO posts could be marked "RO" just as easily in MPSIMS as they could here in the Pit. And that would accomodate your objection.