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Disclaimer: I am not a frequent poster in the Pit, and arguably am no longer a frequent poster elsewhere on this message board. Nor can I imagine a set of rules for the Pit which would change either of those statements.

My thoughts on what is Pit-worthy:
I like Mini-Rants threads in the Pit--It's a great opportunity to vent about egregiously annoying stuff without really expecting anyone to respond to it, and I like reading the variety of stuff which irks others. Not that I read them regularly, because they tend to irritate me more than entertain, unless I'm in the right mood.

I don't like Joke threads--in particular I don't like threads of jokes percieved as inappropriate for MPSIMS and I don't like threads supposedly "pit"ting things like avocados, nor do I like threads where people "pit" each other in the spirit of "now you are a real member of the community". Humorous writing in otherwise serious threads is OK by me.

I like an opportunity for posters to hash out grievances, or (with some reluctance on my part) for posters to pile on someone who "deserves" it and agree that that poster has a tendency to post in irritating ways.

I like similar opportunities with respect to moderators, but not when the posters become abusive.

I really like the idea that if your life sucks and you want sympathy for it, you should post in MPSIMS, and if you want to be told where you went wrong, you should post in the Pit.

I don't like Recreational Outrage threads, but see no reason they don't belong in the Pit, I just prefer that they be labeled so I can avoid them on a case by case basis.