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Not Pit-Worthy:


MPSIMS crap in the Pit. If the subject of the OP is mundane, it belongs in MPSIMS, even if you add a big bad swear word at the end, or even throughout. Real examples of stuff that should never be in the Pit: I Pit my sandwich, I Pit my cat, I Pit myself. This includes posters who are self-aware enough to realize that their OP is "lame" or "weak" right there in the thread title, but post it in the Pit anyway.

Buckeyes are Ok.

Mini-rants. They are always lame, weak, and mundane. While I see the benefit of having a Mini-Rant thread to confine it to one thread people don't have to click on, I think it leads new (and, often, not so new) posters to think that lame, weak, and mundane is Pitworthy to start with. It's not.