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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
I'm going to go with splitting the titles. Why else haven't they gotten rid of the two belts and moved to a single belt?
Originally Posted by Martin Hyde View Post
You know, they've been showing the two belts suspended over the ring for weeks. I suspect two separate wrestlers come down with each belt and the title gets split again. It honestly makes no sense to keep the unified title as two belts unless you intend to split it at some point again.
I get the feeling that they're keeping the two belts for practical/sentimental reasons more than any long-term agenda (mainly because they don't seem to HAVE a long-term agenda) right now;

1) The current WWE belt is only about a year old and they don't want to commission a new design so soon
2) Triple H is an NWA fanboy and doesn't want to retire the gold belt