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NXT is the developmental territory, not the name of the WWE Network, but..

YES, the Network is worth it. I never paid for a single PPV before this. I had only ever watched 3 of them at a former neighbor's house. Now I have access to all of them, and can watch every new one.

As above, NXT is tight. No stupid backstage bits, no crappy 'Vince' comedy shoved down your throats. The women actually get a chance to wrestle real matches. The Natalya - Charlotte match was really good, and you NEVER get to see that sort of thing on RAW. And as I said, the Vaudvillains was freaking hilarious. (ring entrance filmed in black and while with kind of slow strobe to make it like some old timey film effect.) Gotch reminds me a lot of Eddie Guererro.

And yeah, Bo Dallas is hilarious as well.