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Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
Sexual assault
Falsifying arrest record
Destruction of evidence

Can anyone justify why any of these officers AND the people who covered up for them should be working in any capacity in law enforcement ever again?

And why the officers should not be facing a long prison sentence?
I'm sure Smapti will have you covered.

By the way, can we stop arguing with that sack of filth already?

This thread has been repeatedly derailed by him and people trying to argue with him! The fuck does the Civil War and WW2 have to do with Asshat cops?

Please let's try to ignore the idiot. Would be nice if he got some sort of official warning when attempting to derail.

Also: I lost the damn link and I'm on my phone, but I wanted ot give a shout out to the cop in Florida who arrested the sack of shit business man for drunk driving, despite the protestations of the Chief of Police, the City controller and various other officials.

We need more cops like you. I'll link as soon as I can, sorry.

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