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More and more, I think it will be someone big enough and close enough to the facts to rattle Trump, but not someone fundamental to the investigation. So not Kushner, not Ivanka, not Flynn Sr., not Roger Stone, not Carter Page, not Mike Pence, not Michael Cohen, not Felix Sater.

I do think Mueller is hoping to provoke a response, learn Trump's "strategy," if Trump will actually fire him and if he does, what the Congressional response will be. If the leak did originate from Mueller's office, then I think it was strategic to leak it on the eve of another golf weekend in Virginia and gauge how bad it spooked Trump. (Happy Halloween!) As noted in other threads, considerably, it would appear. ("DO SOMETHING!")

Donald Jr. is a good guess as offered by purplehearingaid, but was Jr. in fact formally affiliated with the Trump campaign? His role in organizing the Veselnitskaya meeting was pivotal, but he's not the only person who could provide testimony about it. Still he might be exactly the sacrificial lamb Mueller wants if he was in fact a member of the campaign. Mueller will keep politics out of it -- but he will also be very strategic.

I don't think the investigation ends even if Trump fires Mueller. First, Trump can't fire Mueller. He has to find someone to do it. I don't think Rosenstein will do it. Trump can fire Rosenstein, but it's another obstruction charge if he does. If he goes down the chain a la Bork, sure, he'll find someone to fire Mueller. But every Congressperson I've heard speak on the issue -- including every Republican -- has indicated that impeachment proceedings would begin tout suite if that happens. Alternatively, Congress could simply reauthorize Mueller under new, fire-proof authority.

I don't believe Congress is entirely in the bag for Trump. I remember the numbers from their vote on sanctions against Russia: Practically unanimous. They are all very aware of Russian interference in our election. A lot of them would be happier with a President Pence or President Ryan when all is said and done. They just don't want to be the ones to instigate impeachment. (Cowards.)

And then let the prosecutions unfold. If Trump supporters are going to rise up, let them. It's going to happen sooner or later if it's going to happen at all. Let's get on with it.