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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Actually I think a better answer would be "All of the Above" since for example
A - look at republicans or members of the Trump administration getting kicked out of restaurants and vilified by the MSM as being radical right wingers.
Do you understand the difference between "isolated incident" and "indicative of politics as a whole"? You can't take one isolated incident, point to another isolated incident, and say, "this is representative of typical politics in the US". It isn't even indicative of a movement! And what the fuck does that have to do with what happened at Evergreen?

B. Ok try this. Walk thru any university with a MAGA hat on and just see how it goes over. You will be yelled at, spat on, threatened, etc... You would be blind not to see how crazy the left is on college campuses.
Bit of a shifting of the goal posts here. Yes, a general hostility towards those who will wear MAGA hats on campus is definitely a thing at institutes of higher learning. This should come as no shock; in an environment that tends to lean smart and young, Trump is phenomenally unpopular. Wearing a MAGA hat doesn't just say "I'm a republican", it specifically says "I support Trump". It's akin to, say, having a "black lives matter" or "Fuck Trump" bumper sticker in Buttfuck, Texas - see what kind of reactions you get there. Or showing up in literally any hick town high school wearing a shirt from the rival town's high school football team.

But no. Nice try, but no. This is a very different story. If this were, in fact, emblematic of colleges as a whole, you would be able to bring up stories like the riots at Evergreen - not two teenagers wearing MAGA hats to a historically black college the week of Charlottesville and seeing some backlash - on a regular basis. These "alternative media" sources you bring up would guarantee it! But you can't, and that's my point - this kind of thing does not happen regularly. It's not typical. It's a rarity. It's not a real problem.

C. Ok, on that one I dont know that college
Yeah, you really don't. You've made all kinds of insinuations about how awful Evergreen is, and how it's a hippy-dippy-radical-leftist school that makes no sense and where students get coddled and don't learn anything. Here's the thing, though - it really isn't. Graduation rates, post-graduation earnings, and student loan repayment, all well above the national median. By all accounts, Evergreen is a thoroughly decent liberal arts college, whose students go on to find decent employment.

So if we're talking about whether these actions are emblematic of the school as a whole... Well, no. Fuck no. Not any more than god knows how many schools should be seen as "That rioting school" because their students land them headlines by setting cars on fire after losing (or winning) some sports game. It's just that when a student screws up at Evergreen, right-wing hack pundits take it upon themselves to turn it into national news.

Well you know what, again, pictures dont lie. The campus was total chaos. NO LEARNING was taking place.
Ever seen Penn State after a football game? Most schools have some kind of riots or parties or something. Ohio State riots over winning a football game. Evergreen riots for social justice. Somehow the latter is national news, and the former is just what we expect after a sports game.

(Side note - the same thing happens after major protests. The average San Francisco NFL game leads to 11 arrests. But when 20 Antifa activists were arrested at a far larger protest in Berkeley, this is suddenly national news.)

Watch the damn video and see the students demanding that they not be held accountable for homework and projects.
Keep in mind that these are college students - young, often still teenagers, and often quite stupid. You are complaining about a bunch of teenagers demanding "no homework". Shit, I should transport you to every single high school classroom in the world for some perspective.

Should that college get reprimanded and even lose state funding? Well that is taxpayer money isnt it? Dont ALL the taxpayers in the state deserve a say so on how their tax money is spent? This is why tax money doesnt go to private, religious based schools.
Again, I feel the need to point out that college students rioting is nothing new. Ohio State rioted after they won a football championship. Notre Dame's football team is named after a particularly famous riot against the KKK. Here's a little list of noteworthy riots - number 20 might interest you. Notice how many of these are over sports or over nothing whatsoever.

You're treating this like a big deal we really need to deal with. It's really not.

Now have there been similar incidents at other colleges this year? I dont know but the thing is video cameras are everywhere. Alternate news sites are everywhere. Where once college students could do about whatever they want and it wouldnt get out other than local news, now with the power of cameras and the web, it does make the national news. Its a new world for the left and they better deal with it.
But that's just it - leftist protesters go overboard protesting racism at evergreen, and the entire "alternative media" freaks out over it for weeks, months, years (seriously how long are you going to flog this single fucking case as though it were emblematic of colleges as a whole?), right-wing politicians argue we should privatize a state college which is, by all means, reasonably successful, the campus sees countless threats of violence, students get doxxed and threatened, and ultimately the right-wing backlash is far more significant than the actual event.

That is the part of this which is emblematic of policy in America. Abusive accusations of abuse of accusations of sexism/bigotry are a real, endemic problem. You don't really address any of my points, beyond saying, "Hey, maybe privatizing this college is a good idea if the students are going to riot like that!"

So with that in mind, do you support privatizing University of Mississippi?