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Originally Posted by rat avatar View Post
In an attempt to move these discussions forward I want to expand on this.

Cognitive dissonance or the mental discomfort of finding out a fact that you were not aware of and provides a conflict with two beliefs or moral views is not uncommon.

Privilege is NOT AN INSULT but call feel like one or yes sometimes used as one, just as the term ignorance is. We are not omniscient, we simply are mostly ignorant, and privilege is one example as a case where that is often true.

Unless you believe you are some type of omniscient god to not take insult to someone pointing out that there are ideas and information that you may just not have experienced. And check your pride when you assume that you some how know how someone else feels.

Fragility is also a pretty good term for what happens with 'white fragility' or in other types. Where a person, even due to no fault of their own, have no possibility of knowing some information but also lack the ability to talk about the subject.

Both of these terms even if they are used as an insult do not need to be taken as an insult. If you want to de-weaponize them you have a choice to do so by just refusing to view them as an insult and address the topic at hand.

The crux is if you just ignore it or show it down with irrelevant counter examples you are not addressing it. And yes people will get pissed off and frustrated by this and to be honest even if you simply ignore it you are adding to the problem.

When a person says "Political candidate X is causing problem Y" returning with "Well political candidate A also caused problem Y or problem Z two decades ago" does nothing to solve problem Y.

People are justifiably frustrated with problem Y never being honestly discussed and problem Y will never be solved. As the discussion is about problem Y and not problem Z it is not useful to focus on problem Z at the same time even if it is important.

If you are concerned that the terms white privilege and white fragility are weaponized you have the power to disarm them. You can do so by simply choosing to not taking it personally, not trying to shift the blame, and staying on topic.

Its one thing to use the terms White privilege and white fragility with someone who already understands what those terms mean but those terms are provocative when used with someone who doesn't know what it means. They are invented terms and it is unreasonable to expect people to react to them based on the meaning given to them by race scholars.

I could just start making up terms like Liberal Ignorance to mean a fairly innocuous phenomenon where the term ignorance might reasonably be applied and Feminist Castrator to refer to elements of feminism that go overboard in trying to confront "toxic masculinity" but they would be a bad place to start a conversation.

If someone said "I think you are stepping on my foot" you do not solve that problem by saying that "well Bill Clinton stepped on this other persons foot" you simply look at your own foot and see if it is true.
But you aren;t saying something as simple as "you are stepping on my foot" you are making up a term (say foot rape) and accusing me of it.

If you practice this a few times and work through the discomfort it will become painfully obvious how childish and unnecessary your previous response was.
The use of terms like white privilege and white fragility are unnecessarily provocative and it seems deliberately so.