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Originally Posted by Chessic Sense View Post
You remember where you were on 9/11.

You remember when you only had to charge your cell phone every four days.

You remember texting your friends by pushing the number buttons multiple times to get each letter.

You traded pogs with your friends when the teacher couldn't see.

You remember a gallon of gas costing only $2.10.

You could only get the movie times on your cell phone by calling the theater.

Your school only one computer per classroom, and you had to ask to use it.

You couldn't wait to get home from school so you could get on AOL Instant Messenger with your friends.
You remember where you were when Kennedy was assassinated.

You remember when the house had one black phone in the hall. It had a two-foot cord. No answering machine. If you missed a call, you didn't know it.

You passed notes in class and got in trouble for it. One way was to hide the note in the bathroom and your friend would go after you and retrieve it. Another way was to wrap the note around the refill in a ballpoint pen and then hand your friend the pen. Teachers knew these tricks.

You remember when a gallon of gas cost 20 cents.

You looked in the newspaper (which came twice a day) for movie times. Movies cost waaaay less than a dollar.

Computers took up entire floors of buildings and you had never seen one. You prepared reports and papers on a manual typewriter using carbon paper, because Xerox machines (i.e., plain paper copiers) hadn't been invented yet.

You couldn't wait to get home so you could go outside and play with your friends until suppertime.
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