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Originally Posted by Sitnam View Post
So in the latest election my Wisconsin ditched the corporate-tax-cutting-public-teacher-union-destroying fuck stick Scott Walker. When he was booted I looked forward to removing the 'Open for Business' addition to all our 'Welcome to Wisconsin' signs. I live on the border so it was a daily reminder of our States executive branches priorities over it citizens. So Tony Evers won, and replaced that addition to 'Tony Evers Governor'

Look, I like the guy, I voted for him, I think he'll do a great job. But don't add schmuckery on top of schmuckery. It could have said 'Welcome to Wisconsin, Open to The People' or something. Or just remove the bullshit silly addition and be done with it.
I noticed when I moved to the northeast that the the "Welcome To ..." signs on the highway had the current governor's names on them. Always seemed like a waste of money to have to change them whenever someone new was elected. But I'm pretty sure I've seen them with both Republican and Democrat names on them, so it's a non-partisan waste and not a strictly liberal idea.