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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
Right, because if there's one thing that Israeli pilots receive extensive training in, it's naval warfare. Because most of Israel's wars are fought on the high seas.

Seriously, though: if Israel had wanted to sink the Liberty for some nefarious political reason, they would have sent planes armed with anti-ship weapons instead of AT rockets and napalm, or even better, they would have sent a submarine. And they would have found a way to make it look like the Egyptians did it.
So, you haven't checked any other sources.

USS Liberty flew an American flag, as all USN ships do.
Aircraft armament was probably using whatever was available. I don't know what anti-ship weapons they had anywhere.
Israel had no submarine that could be 'sent' in any reasonable time. They DID send torpedo boats. Which attacked. And scored a torpedo hit.

I do not pretend to know the whys and wherefores of why Israel deliberately attacked a USN ship.