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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
What happens in the quite-likely scenario that they don't reach a consensus? Do those seats sit vacant and the existing 10 members rule on cases? Or is it a majority of the 10-member "political appointees" that choose the remaining 5, in which case I would hope and expect that the 5 would be rather conservative in their judicial philosophy.
I think they would quite easily find consensus. That aside, I understand the proposal to be that the slots are filled if they find consensus and not filled if they don't.

Why do you put "political appointees" in quotes?

Also, did you have any substantive comment on the merits of the proposal?

Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
I think you wouldn't even be considering a change to the court if your side had the plurality.
That's nice. You know very little about me. Any comment on the actual proposal?