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Disguise yourself from a person who knows you well? Probably not. Thereís not just appearance, but voice, stance, gait, mannerisms, etc. that would often give it away even with an otherwise foolproof disguise; and masks and such are not particularly convincing up close. If you can recognize someone from the sound of their footsteps, or as an earlier poster mentioned by the way they move and the sounds they make even at night when you canít see any details, I think it would be really, really hard to convince someone who knows you at all well that youíre someone else entirely.

Iím shit with names*, but remember everything else about people well. I often remember people Iíve only met a couple of times well enough to recognize them months or in some cases years later. I pick up on changes in appearance almost immediately, and can recognize someone I know in a crowd from behind just by the way they walk.

But there are things like Billy Tipton hiding his birth sex from the people around him, and audience members being shocked at the reveal in this movie that make me think that maybe Iím the minority here.

Flipping genders is about the most comprehensive transformation a person can do, and one glance at a picture of Billy, and about 5 seconds after seeing Dil, I knew what apparently eluded some people for decades in one case, and over an hour in another. To me, itís blindingly obvious once anyone is within spitting distance of puberty ó no matter what they present and identify as ó what sex body they got stuck in. I first saw Haruna Ai on a variety show panel with a bunch of other non-transgender guests, (they never made any mention of her status during the show) and it took me only a few seconds to confirm with my Japanese wife, ďShe used to be a dude, right?Ē She won the biggest transgender beauty contest in Thailand, and apparently has been presenting as female since she was a pre-teen, so itís not like sheís unconvincing. Iíll treat anyone as whatever gender they prefer to present, but I recognize sex characteristics right away. IMO, youíve got to be into Buck Angel territory before it would take more than a few seconds.

So, hellifIknow what most people can recognize about other people they know. Maybe a disguise I see through almost instantly would be totally convincing to a personís friends and family. Į\_(ツ)_/Į

* To the point where I literally blanked on the name of a girl Iíd been dating for a couple of weeks when I ran into a friend of mine and was socially obligated to introduce her to him. She forgave me Ö eventually.