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My next door neighbour is a fucking deaf old cunt.
I always file my yearly income tax in person. I'm self-employed, so through the year I pay quarterly withdrawals as if I was exclusively a "corporate person" but come April my government discovers that, unlike corporations, I also eat, have a mortgage, go to the doctor and put money away towards retirement: so, my basic deduction, mortgage, Social Security and 401K-equivalent pop up and become deductibles, yay. I go file in person because that way if the kind civil servant helping me sees anything they find strange, they can ask me directly, I explain, and we all avoid the expense and stress of an inspection.

One year in which I'd had unusually low expenses, the kind civil servant pointed out "your deductions have been really low this year". I said "yeah: I haven't needed a new computer, got a couple contracts which didn't come with travel expenses as I could sleep in my home every night... biggest expense I had was my mother's hearing aids, can I count those as Industrial Safety?" "" "They keep her from being strangled and me from going crazy. -Er." "Ah. Sorry, no." "Pity."
Some people knew how to kill a conversation. Cura, on the other hand, could make it wish it had never been born.

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