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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
I will be giving this girl money when she 40yo.
I just know it.
Probably. ;-)

The youngest is turning 30 next week. He will hopefully manage his finances now (hahahaha) that he's finally graduated and has a proper degree and a proper job.

In the interim there was the "uh, dad, my car's been repo-ed so I can't come down to see you this weekend like I planned"
*several thousand in fines and back payments to retrieve said car*

And do you have insurance? "uh... no"
*paying the insurance for the past five years*

"Any chance you have a few bucks to spare? I don't have enough gas to drive home."
"We're having to move. Dog ate the apartment. No security deposit etc"
*send off $1000 again*
...and so on and so forth.

Not holding my breath.
But he's a lovely boy. Kind and giving and honorable and loved by all. I guess that's more important.