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Originally Posted by Sinaptics View Post
They could threaten contempt and inherent contempt, which doesn't need Barr, unless they specifically invoke executive privilege. Right now, they're just planning on wasting time in courts over a privilege that doesn't even exist (absolute immunity). Then at least they could get on to the real fight instead of this gish gallop stuff that the administration is pulling.
Great idea. Who will enforce those contempt citations? What would be the practical effect of imposing them?

I disagree with you that they are wasting time in courts. If the courts are the only place you have left to enforce your authority, then that's where you go. Like I said in Post #11787. (Politico confirms. Hat tip to Walken After Midnight, who posted the link in the Pelosi Appreciation thread.)

By the way, what is the "real fight"?

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