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I was pleasantly shocked by how The View treated Yang. For the most part, they were nice and agreed with him.

Megan McCain started off by telling him that she has a "dear friend" who is Yang Gang. Just about every day, I see someone posting in the Yang sub about how they supported Trump and are now supporting Yang. Megan's friend puts a "real life" spin on this, although I personally think that many of those people are real too.

As Yang explained UBI, Joy Behar questioned why it was needed. He explained how it would create a trickle up economy as well as redefining what we now consider as work such as for stay at home mothers. Joy liked the idea of compensating stay at home mothers. Yang noted that it would also help the waitress who was getting harassed by her boss and the single mom who might be in an abusive relationship to get some resources to help them out of their situation.

Then when he was explaining the universality of UBI.

Joy: Why should rich white people get a thousand dollars a month?
Yang: The great thing is that it would remind them that they're still an American.
Megan: I don't need. . . no one at this table needs, an extra thousand dollars a month. I wouldn't feel right when there are still veterans on the street.
Whoopi: You could give it away.
Megan: ::shaking her head::
Whoopi: That's what he means when he says that it would remind people that they're still American. It's not just what you do for yourself. It's also about what you do for other folks.
Megan: ::glaring::

Yang gives the example of Alaska and how their UBI is popular because the universality depoliticizes it, destigmatizes it and eliminates the us vs. them nature of other benefits programs.

It was great for Whoopi to give the assist. Whoopi ended the session saying that Yang had interesting ideas and that she would be keeping an eye out for him. Sunny agreed.

There are a lot of good arguments for universality that I've read. Here are some that I like. Creating the arbitrary cut-off line about who receives it will create a lot of debate and divisiveness that might lead to the standard going lower and lower. Eliminating millionaires and billionaires takes so little off the cost that redistributing their share only gives less than $100 to everyone else. Since the Freedom Dividend is opt-in, hopefully people who don't need it will not bother to opt-in.

A social worker, posting on twitter, polled her clients, asking if they would rather have welfare benefits or UBI. 28 out of 30 voted for UBI.

Later, Yang tweeted about what the hosts on The View had been telling him during the break about how the economy wasn't as some people were painting it.

One thing that @WhoopiGoldberg @sunny @JoyVBehar stressed to me during the break - the economic numbers don’t match up to how people are doing. We need to use measurements like health, life expectancy, mental health, childhood success and environment quality as measures instead.
Sunny confirmed with

Yang raised $2.8M for quarter 2 2019. 99.6% of the donations were less than $200. There are over 130K unique donors which meets the qualifying number for the next set of debates in September and October. (He has already qualified for the July debate.) He still needs 2% in three more qualifying polls before Aug. 28 to qualify for those debates. He just hit 2% on a qualifying poll - NBC/WSJ.

Originally Posted by asahi View Post
According to my power rankings, Andrew Yang was in 6th place before the debates and he's still in 6th place now, despite having had very little opportunity to speak.
You were prophetic, at least for the NBC/WSJ poll. Yang's in 6th place in that poll. (Just saw that you changed the ranking to 8th. That's probably closer to the overall polling.)

He hit 3% on an Emerson poll, but that doesn't count toward the debates. The DNC pulled that poll from the debate qualifying polls. The remaining polls are mostly corporate media polls.

MSNBC did an interview with Yang on Ari Melber. At this point, Yang is one of 7 candidates on track to make the September debate.

The latest polling shows that only seven 2020 candidates are on track to make the debate stage in September. That includes people you might expect like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but is also includes tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang. The presidential candidate sits down for his very first interview on The Beat to break down his signature “Freedom Dividend” plan, eliminating the penny and why he loves holograms so much.
Someone posted a link to the subreddit stats on the Yang sub. I found it fascinating. The growth in the last couple weeks has been quite high after steady growth from March to June.

Yang announced the Freedom Dividend winner from the twitter contest. She looked overjoyed.

A comedian who did a parody of Yang (that Yang participated in) for The Daily Show, Ronny Chieng, talks seriously and positively about Yang's idea and his run for President. Chieng noted that he is not a citizen of the US.

Yang tweeted about Amazon's $700M retraining efforts.

Amazon committing $700 million to retraining workers is a sign of just how big the automation problem is
Yang is mentioned in that article

And the fear that robots are taking jobs, and that automation will lead to mass unemployment, has grabbed the popular imagination. Magazine covers warn of a robot apocalypse. Andrew Yang, a former tech entrepreneur, is running for president partly on a platform of offering a universal income to offset jobs lost to automation. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that up to one-third of the American work force will have to switch to new occupations by 2030.
Tomorrow, 7/13/19, Yang is holding a rally in Portland. On 7/19/19, there will be an AARP forum with Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke, Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson in Sioux City, Iowa.