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Originally Posted by King of the Americas View Post
Undeterred, by my academic dismissal, I continued my research, looking into French and Spanish incursions into the Wester Territories, when I found this-

I immediately thought, "Tolkien, you thief! You still this bit of history and used in in your trilogy!"
The bit you've got highlighted there reads

spreading the alarm throughout the country by means of great fires, which they kindled on the high mountains
Why on earth do you think Tolkien would have had to be thinking of Coronado? Signal fires have been used all over the world. Here's an example that would have been much closer to home for Tolkien:

The most famous example from British history is the line of beacons set up along the southern coast of England in the year 1588 to warn us that the Spanish invasion fleet, the Armada, was coming.
And if using techniques from actual history in one's writing is theft, then I doubt anybody's written anything without stealing. -- hey, nearly everything that's written uses a pre-existing language for a significant portion of the work! authors are all stealing the language!

ETA: Whoops, OP is gone from here indeed; at least as far as posting is concerned. Can't say that I'm surprised.

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