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Originally Posted by Isamu View Post
You were going into the shops by yourself? You've seen the ads with the "gaijin OK" box right? Your experience is out of the ordinary for me and every gaijin long-termer I know.
Sometimes I went into shops or called the shops on my own. Sometimes my girlfriend was with me.

"I was rejected trying to rent a place" is something I've seen on a lot of forums. Oddly enough none of the dozens - if not hundreds - of gaijin I'm friends with or work(ed) with have ever experienced it directly. *shrug*

There are reasons why you might be rejected to rent a place that are only indirectly related to being a gaijin. For example, if you don't have a credit history, or don't have a guarantor, or don't have high enough salary etc.
But those are reasons why you may well not be able to rent a place in the US or UK; when I was living in NY places I rented out had salary requirements (annual salary of xxx times the annual rent or something).

But some people will insist on claiming 'racism!' anyway.
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